For the purpose of using the published Legal Notice, the term website means a set of subpages at the URL address:

The website is managed by the Factory of Applied and Fine Ideas, Artistic Creation, Jur Samec s.p., Kvedrova cesta 12, 1000 Ljubljana, registration no. 8550131000, tax no. 54079993 (‘Jur Samec s.p.’)

This legal notice sets out the rights and obligations of both the user and All in Paper. It also determines the use of the website and the services offered by All in Paper through the website.


By clicking on: “I have read and agree to the terms of business of the website”, which appears and are listed at the first registration of the user or. upon the first registration and opening of a user account from the beginning of the day of validity of this Legal Notice, and with the entire further use of the website, the user agrees to apply the provisions of each Legal Notice.

The information and materials on the website are protected by the intellectual property rights of All in Paper or by the intellectual property rights of the legal entities whose content is included in the website. All rights reserved.


Users of the website and services provided by All in Paper are private and business users who register on the website and create a user account.

The term users refers to both private and business users. The same posting rules apply to both types of users.

Private users may be natural and legal persons who use the website and the services provided by All in Paper exclusively for their own use and not in terms of performing the activity of selling advertising packages.

Business users can be natural and legal persons who use the website and services provided by All in Paper to perform registered or. gainful activities.

Natural or legal persons who do not create a user account on the website and therefore have a limited range of services offered by All in Paper are considered as website visitors.


On the All in Paper website, users may post advertisements intended for the direct sale of stock papers that are displayed in the advertisements offered on the website.

Through a standardized and pre-prepared form available on the All in Paper website, users submit their advertisement in which they enter the required information. The advertisement must be in the Slovenian language.

The advertisement submitted by natural and legal persons is published for a period of 30 days from the day of the complete submission of the advertisement. If the user does not cancel or post the ad beforehand. After the expiration or cancellation of the publication, the content of the advertisement is available to the user in the archive for a period of 365 days. After this period, publication from the archive is no longer possible.

The user guarantees the correctness, accuracy, truthfulness and timeliness of the transmitted data. For the entire content of the advertisement, including the submitted photos, the published price, and the indication of the correct contact information, the user is solely responsible. the person who submits the ad on behalf of the user.

All in Paper does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the published data, nor the data entered by users. Any agreement to buy and sell the goods published on the website is an agreement only between the buyer and the provider who sells the goods and does not give rise to any direct or indirect contractual relationship between the buyer, the provider as the seller and All in Paper.

All in Paper reserves the right to further verify the ad prior to its publication, refuse to publish the ad, delete or block the publication of all or any part of the ad, or change the section of the ad, if it is inappropriate, controversial, misleading, published in inappropriate section , or in any way unsuitable for publication according to the criteria of the website editorial board. All in Paper also reserves the right to limit the number or pace of publications if the publications are contrary to legal notice, or for any other reason at the discretion of the editorial board.

Typical general examples of ad publication irregularities:

* Posting a content-inappropriate ad

* advertising that violates the Prevention of Undeclared Work Act

* advertisement with the content BUY, SEARCH, RENT (publication of such advertisement is NOT allowed)

* an advertisement not published in the Slovenian language

* An ad that contains religious or political content or displays religious or political symbols

* an advertisement that in any way contradicts the applicable legislation

Typical examples of irregularities in the publication or entry of contact or user data:

* publication of information about the client of the publication, which is untrue, incorrect, incomplete, or contact is not available

* publication of contact data anywhere, except in the field for entering contact data (phone, email) (eg in the title of the ad, in the field Note, in the name of the seller)

Typical example of incorrect price:

* ad with misleading price (published prices are without VAT, it does not include VAT)

Other examples of controversial posts:

* advertising of service activities (such advertising is allowed only in the form of banners)

* advertisement with misleading indication of the place of view or deliveries (eg paper NOT in stock)

* an ad with an inappropriate or copyrighted photo (example: copying a photo from another medium or from another advertiser’s ad)

* inappropriate content (eg advertisement for the sale of printing machines, printing finishing machines, punching machines, bookbinding machines, various large format printing machines, machinery, means of transport, various tools, sports equipment, clothing, animal ads, …)

* an ad that does not offer a uniquely defined individual paper (example: advertising a general sales campaign, general advertising, several ads in one …)

* an advertisement that in the basic (first) photo represents a general publication, and not an individual offer in the advertisement (example: advertising of a service, general advertising of an online store …)

* advertising of disputed products (example: pirated products, copies of products, clones, counterfeits …)

* An ad that comments on the content or notes of other ads or advertisers

* An ad that contains automatic conversion codes in the description

* advertisement with an offer for paper where it is not possible to transfer ownership (sale)

Typical examples of posting irregularities due to choosing the wrong section or post category:

* advertisement for HYGIENE papers, published under the category OFFICE PAPERS

* Ads that do not represent paper as a finished semi-finished product and product

* advertisement with the content ODDAM (publication of such an advertisement is EXCLUSIVELY permitted exclusively to registered bidders in order to avoid violations of the Prevention of Undeclared Work Act, with the appropriate mark in the advertisement)

* advertisement where the offer / sale of documentation is advertised (documents, plans, various permits …)

Instructions and help regarding the use of the portal are available to users on the website in the document “Frequently Asked Questions” on the web link:

All in Paper reserves the right to charge for the blocking or deletion of the ad of the disputed content according to the valid price list, which is an integral part of this Legal Notice and is available online:

In the event that the post was charged and the ad was blocked or deleted from the post, the user is not entitled to a refund of the post.

By submitting an advertisement, the user assumes criminal and tort liability related to the submission, editing, deletion and content of the entire advertisement or any part of the advertisement content.


The use of the website and the services offered by All in Paper is free of charge for the first two months, to the extent offered by the basic package.

If the user wants to publish a new ad, but already has a leased basic package at the time of publication, each subsequent publication is charged according to the valid Price List All in Paper, which is an integral part of this Legal Notice and available online: https: // allin-

The prices published in the price list do not include VAT. We do not charge VAT. Owner of the All in Paper website, Factory of Applied and Fine Ideas, Artistic Creation, Jur Samec s.p. non-taxpayer. VAT is not charged on the basis of paragraph 1 of Article 94 of ZDDV-1.

Use of the website and services provided by All in Paper is chargeable to business users according to the applicable price list, which is an integral part of this Legal Notice and is available.

The beginning of the subscription relationship begins with the registration of the business user, the confirmed offer and the payment of the selected package within 24 hours of the registration or confirmation of payment. The advertisement or package is valid for 30 days, after 30 days, the user must confirm it again or make a subscription in the form of payment of a monthly installment, unless otherwise agreed between All in Paper and the user. End of the subscription relationship: The request for termination of the subscription relationship must be submitted in writing, sent to the e-mail address Written cancellation shall take effect within 24 hours of receipt of the cancellation. In case of cancellation of the package subscription, a refund is not possible.


The following are considered inadmissible to use the website:

* Attempt to obtain and use access granted to another user

* duplicate registration of the same private user

* providing own available data to third parties

* intentionally disrupting and disabling the work of other network users

* destroying and modifying data owned by other users

* breach of secrecy or disclosure of information owned by other users

* use of data published on the website for commercial purposes, unless expressly permitted by written agreement (example: misuse of email addresses, copying of content or part of content or advertisement …)

* posting and transmitting infringing data – creating, sending or publishing data with offensive, inappropriate or pornographic content

* providing false or misleading personal information when submitting / editing advertising content

* use of programs or procedures the purpose or effect of which is to impair the integrity and stable operation of the computer, computer system, or network

* use of various programs, third-party applications, or browser software upgrades used to access content (data) or automated editing of content (data) on the website (eg drawing data from a source code form, page or screen scraping, auto form filler or automatic data filling, etc …)

* any use that is contrary to the purpose for which the website is made and as follows from this Legal Notice.

Use of the Website contrary to the rules set forth in this Legal Notice or in an illegal manner is strictly prohibited. In case of doubt about the admissibility of the use of the website, any use not expressly permitted by All in Paper is considered inadmissible.


The advertisement on the website presents content and information that is standardized in terms of content. With the help of various applications, the display of data in the ad is unified, the display of photos is optimized, and the data is arranged in such a way that they gain additional value compared to individual input data before creating the ad. The user agrees that All in Paper, from the moment the ad is created, acquires the copyright on the ad. Also, All in Paper on the ad has the exclusive right to publish and distribute the content of the ad, individual part of the ad or photo. The user guarantees that he is the sole author of the texts and photographs he publishes in the advertising message and transfers them free of charge and exclusively for a period of 12 months to All in Paper to the extent that allows him to store, process, process and publish them on website in the manner set out in these general terms and conditions and used in accordance with the purposes of advertising in all territories. The user also expressly and irrevocably allows All in Paper to transfer these rights to third parties in the entire acquired volume, who can reproduce and present these ads to the public in any way (via computer, print …).

Modifying, distributing, copying, republishing, modifying the information and materials on the Website or sending them by post and distributing them in any other way without the prior written permission of All in Paper is prohibited. It is also forbidden to use any element of the website for any purpose other than for your own non-commercial use.

During the current subscription with All in Paper, business users have the right to use content that displays their ads, either on their official website or in the form of a printed printout at their point of sale at the company’s headquarters.

Users undertake to respect the copyrights and intellectual property rights that protect any element published on the website.


All in Paper collects and processes the user’s personal data with the user’s explicit consent, for the purpose of providing services and fulfilling pre-contractual or contractual obligations (eg posting an ad, helping the user, establishing contact between seller and buyer, popular user ads, individualized display of content or advertising messages to website users, etc.) based on their legitimate interests (eg website operation, business management and governance, service improvement and offering new services to providers, user relationship management, etc.) or when required by law (eg procedures to prevent undeclared work, at the request of law enforcement authorities, etc.).

Users of the website allow the use and processing of personal data on the basis of personal consent, in such a way that when creating a user account or. upon the first login to the user account after the entry into force of this Legal Notice, they confirm this by clicking on “I have read and agree to the terms of business of the website”. By clicking on “I have read and agree to the terms of business of the website”, users allow personal data to be used in the manner and for the purposes specified in this Legal Notice.

All in Paper processes the following personal data of the user:

name, surname or official name, address, email address, telephone number, IP and date of access to the subpage and data published in the content of the advertisement.

The user agrees that for the purpose of fulfilling the legal obligation when submitting the advertisement, the date and time of the advertisement and the IP number or address of origin and that in case of suspicion that inadmissible use, a criminal offense or the need to prosecute the offense, the said information shall be forwarded to the relevant services.

All in Paper also collects non-personal information about the use of the website, in particular information about which sub-pages are most frequently visited, how many visitors visit these sub-pages daily and how long visitors stay on each sub-page, i.e. “Cookies”. Users allow the collection of data on the use of the website by clicking on “Continue”, which is displayed on the website when notified of “cookies”. The explanation “About cookies” is available on the web link: and is an integral part of this Legal Notice.

All in Paper provides personal data of users to contractual partners who act as processors of personal data, and undertakes to enter into such a contractual relationship only with contractual partners who have taken appropriate measures to protect personal data. All in Paper does not transfer personal data outside the EU or to international organizations, except to the extent strictly necessary and to the extent that there is a decision on adequacy or on the basis of relevant contractual clauses providing for safeguards against such transfers.

Personal data of users are stored for 12 months from the last login of the user to the system.

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and the applicable Personal Data Protection Act, the data subject (ie the user) has the right to request access to personal data, request the deletion or correction of personal data, request restrictions on the processing of personal data. whenever it revokes its consent (without prejudice to the lawfulness of the data processing carried out on the basis of the consent prior to its revocation), the right to transfer data, including the transfer of personal data to other organizations, in machine-readable form; To the Information Commissioner if he / she considers that his / her privacy rights have been violated or that he / she has suffered illegal processing of his / her personal data.

An individual exercises his rights on the subpage, via the Contact Information section or with a written request, which he addresses by e-mail to:

All in Paper does not access and is not responsible for personal data exchanged directly by users of the website (eg the seller and the buyer).

All in Paper undertakes to protect personal data with the utmost care and in accordance with the provisions of the current Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.


All in Paper assumes no responsibility for ensuring the correctness, accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the advertisements published on the website. All information, materials and data on the website are of an informative nature.

All in Paper is not responsible for the form and content of web pages that are in any way related to the web page. All in-paper liability is excluded in all cases when visiting and using the linked websites.

All in Paper strives for the optimal functioning of the website, but does not assume responsibility for its smooth use. Users and visitors use and visit the Website at their own risk. Neither All in Paper, nor any other natural or legal person who has participated in the creation, creation and production of the website or is still involved in its upgrades, new information and materials, is liable for any damage resulting from access, use or inability to use information, materials and advertisements on the website or for any errors or deficiencies in the content of advertisements. All in Paper is not responsible for any damage (including those caused by viruses) to computer equipment, mobile phones or any other application that may result from the use of the website. All in Paper shall not be liable for any damages of any kind that may result from the use or inability to use the Website. FINAL PROVISIONS The legal notice may be changed by All in Paper at any time, and is binding on users in the current content. All in Paper may change the Website at any time and without prior notice, without liability for the consequences of such changes. By using the website, the user and the visitor agree with its changes or otherwise stop using it. The legal notice enters into force on 10.02.2020 and is valid until revoked or. changes.