Step 1: The “Submit Your Ad” icon is in the upper right corner of the portal. Clicking on the icon starts the process of publishing the ad.

Step 2: Select the appropriate package.
Step 3: Complete the required ad submission fields.

Step 4: Fill in your package payment information.

Step 5: Confirm the order.

You register as the last step in submitting your first ad. Once the package payment is confirmed and the first ad is submitted, you are also registered.

You must be registered to edit your ad. In the menu at the top of the page, click on your account and in the drop-down menu on “Your ads”, then select the ad you want to edit.

You must be registered to edit. Click on your account in the menu at the top of the page and in the drop-down menu on “Your account”.

The first ad will be published as soon as the payment for the package is confirmed. Each new ad within the leased package is published as soon as you confirm it.

Yes, you can save your ad as a draft once you’ve registered. If you are not registered yet, this is not possible.

A highlighted ad is an ad that is located and remains at the top of the displayed ads, regardless of how many non-exposed ads were placed after that. The highlighted ad is visible on the first page, at the top of the ads in the category of paper to which it belongs and on the “All about paper” tab.

For all information regarding the operation of the portal, you can contact us at

You can contact us at Experts with more than 10 years of experience in the paper industry will advise you.

The delivery of paper is subject to an individual agreement between the buyer and the supplier of paper from stock.

To delete an account or. cancel the subscription, submit a written request to and we will delete your account within 24 hours. Your account will be automatically deleted after your subscription expires if you do not renew your subscription.

We recommend that you rent an additional or larger package.

Before the package expires, you will receive an email asking you to renew the package and have all the payment information for the renewal.

If you would like to have a personalized package with a personalized number of ads, contact us at

If you notice errors in the ad, you can directly inform the provider who published the ad or us, by e-mail

The most recommended way to search for stock paper is by category. You select a category on the first page (eg Office papers), after which you can search in more detail via additional filters.

The ads are intended exclusively for the supply of paper from stock. If you would like to publish an advertisement of your company / service on the portal, contact us at

In the event that you do not receive inquiries from your ads, we encourage you to:

– Make sure you’ve selected the appropriate category for your ad.
– Check the title and description of the ad (short and concise title and key paper information in the ad description)
– Add photos

Advanced editing means you can manage comments on your profile or. remove them if desired.